Make yourself at Home.

5 things that happen when William Woods University becomes home:

You flourish in hundreds of ways.

Transferring to William Woods University means taking advantage of all of the unique opportunities we have to offer. The question isn’t whether or not you will flourish, the question is: which way will you choose?

You learn what it means to be an Owl.

Our students share their unique experiences, their Owl pride and the comfort that comes with being a part of the William Woods University community.

You see that college is more than coursework.

Sometimes the reasons we want to finish our education at a place like William Woods University is to take advantage of all the involvement opportunities available to you. These are the days of getting to know people from every walk of life, but they’re also the days of getting to know yourself. This is your time to learn what you are passionate about, to get involved in the causes you care about, and to pursue what makes you come alive. Get involved, get learning and make a difference.

fourteen Average class size
70+ Academic majors and minors
13:1 Student-faculty ratio

You become an active participant in a vibrant community.

up to $8,000 in transfer scholarships available based on your GPA.
100% of students are offered financial aid
$5,000 LEAD award to every residiential student to encourage participation in campus events and commuter students recieve $2,500

You boldly go and take on the world.

Big-hearted teachers. Brilliant business leaders. American Sign Language interpreters. Scientists. Journalists. Horse trainers. The list goes on. Our graduates are in amazing fields doing incredible things. And no matter where they are, each one carries with them the community, the attitude, and the values that all began during their time at William Woods University.

Let us be the first to welcome you home.